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Originally Posted by fastdadio View Post
If your running a straight piped BSA, your neighbors will actually love you for this. They're not too loud. Do pull the baffle and check for carbon build up. If it's nasty, burn it off with a torch. I have had several oil injected 2-strokes. Never had any problems with the injection systems on any of them. They are very reliable and beat having to mix your fuel. I say +1 on adding a little oil to the main tank just to be sure. Especially in cold weather riding. I used to run 70:1 in my tank for winter ice riding while also raising the main jet needle one clip and going 1 size up on the pilot jet. They are known to some times run very lean on long WFO pulls. The old DT400's are in a suprisingly mild state of tune and are not the flaming beasts that many think they are. Good luck ad have fun.
THANK YOU for the advise!! I appreciate it and will use it! I'm looking forward to getting this bike up and going. After hearing what you and others have said now about the injection system, I'm feeling better about it. I've just had the one, old 250 Yamaha that had this system on it and the whole bike was a real POS anyway. I like the idea of not having to mix in the tank all the time, so I hope that this one is operable. It's supposed to be pretty warm here next week so I'm hoping to get out to the shop and tear into it.
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