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I believe the magic number for minimum track points is 3 if you want the website to save them. This is a limitation of the Google Maps engine the website uses. Less than the magic number and weird stuff happens. I hard set this number based on trial and error. Again, I never considered this a major hurdle because a two or three point track is easy enough to remember I figured. Just add more points to the simple track before you save it and then the tracks will stick around.

There are lots of these little "gotchas" is software that go mainly undocumented because they seem to the dev to be rare use cases. Sorry it stung you a few times. It's something I do not intend to fix but you can work around it easily by adding more points I believe.

If the mini USB host board really becomes for sale, I'll design a remote control daughter board for it and let you make your own remote. I am also thinking about completely new design with no joystick but instead silicone buttons like a TV remote control. That would be easy to waterproof and get the cost way down. That seems like a winner to me.

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First off, let me say I love this app! Plus I keep dreaming of the day when Crafty just sells the pieces to his remote so we can put it in whatever enclosure we can find! WE NEED THAT AWESOME TOY YESTERDAY!

Anyway, I volunteered to deliver Yellow Phone Books for my son's baseball team to raise some bucks. So I used DualSportMaps on my PC to lay down the streets that I needed to drive. Most tracks were just two points indicating the start and end of the street. However, I kept having tracks disappear. I tried reentering them and they'd show up as I moved about zooming in and out. But after some random amount of time, the ones that I RE-ADDED would disappear again.

When downloading to my phone the map also came down with those tracks dropped.

I only have about 25 tracks defined and they only use a few points per track. Haven't got a clue why some are getting dropped.

Maybe that is just what I rightfully get for trying to use this cool app for something unintended!

Thanks Crafty!

Nick Jensen - Login: NickJensen Troubled Map: Yellow Book Route
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