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Milestone achieved...

Well, I finally completed reading all 13904 posts in this thread and I will tell you it was like being back in graduate school with the amount of information that is thrown out in this thread. My goal was to have it done by Thanksgiving but things came up and it took a tad bit longer. From all this reading, I have compiled 268 pages of detailed notes which tracks part numbers, modifications, enhancements, trouble spots and alternative solutions and will be used in my build.

I need to go through and organize all of my notes in to their sections and update my required parts list. I think what I will do is turn this into a PDF and post it on Google Docs so if anyone wants a copy of my crib notes drawn from almost 9 years of accumulated data here. Did I capture everything? Not by a long shot!

Reading this thread is like going on a search for gold as some of the more unique finds (such as websites, parts suppliers and even hard to locate part numbers) tended to be in the single line replies that are posted. You guys are sneaky!

Technical data is not always the only thing found here, I have learned a lot about many of you and I will tell you right now, I will by anyone here a beer if you are in my neck of the PNW! If giving was a way to become a millionaire...all of you are wealthy beyond comparison. There are also a few funnies that I have learned about many of the people in this thread and thought I would share:

Things I have learned:

Michael has a heart the size of Everest!

Ray knows 99.998 percent of the cumulative information on the TA

Mark has a secret manufacturing shop for body parts (the TA that is...)

Carlos has the crappiest weather of everyone on the forum and barely gets to ride yet he came up with one of the coolest garage built shock risers I have seen

Jeff has more toys they he should

Wait…Ray does knows everything

Dan has an Hawk conversion is fantastic

Menasco Pirate owns close to every bike built

Ray is like the Chuck Norris of knowledge for TA’s

Jim sells really cool parts, sadly I can’t use all of them

Santa brings presents more than one day a year… and is a good friend to have .

Thunder Dan has increased the TA riders by +2 which was great news!

Showkey is the expert here on Honda inventory and policies, I secretly think he is a Honda undercover engineer or something like that! (Stolen from Ray)

Favorite quotes I found:

....dang. I didn't know I could quote myself like that.
.....I outta be a democrat.

Second favorite:

Warped rotors are the poor-man's ABS

Favorite Jim Quote after a very long lesson on carberators from Ray:
Jim Rowley
AAAAAAHHHHHHHH Carb info overload. I need to go on a low carb diet.

Life is the last thing you experience before you is what you do every day to get you to that point...
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