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Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
Real gas is impossible to get around here. There is a marina about 20 miles away, but they only sell the 10% moonshine gas too. Local airport will not sell avgas unless you are putting it into an aircraft. The only source of real gas is the local dragstrip, and the stuff costs $9 a gallon, not an option. Ethanol gas is bad stuff. I am pretty sure it destroyed the plastic gas tanks on 2 honda dirt bikes. They developed cracks all over. It also turns rubber to mush. It will damage any rubber fuel line, vent line, and any rubber parts in the carb. It also tends to destroy the packing in manual petcocks and the diaphragm in vacuum petcocks. It melted the diaphragm in the fuel pump on my '72 Pinto.

I have been wondering why I don't have ethanol problems. It's the rubber. My carburetor is an old Bing with no rubber parts except a rubber ring at the top, which doesn't touch fuel. And its octane requirements are low.
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