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Hello From Panama City Beach

This isn't a ride report per se but I felt it necessary to let my seven readers know wazza happenin.
I took this stopover to 1. try to slow down the overspending a little bit. 2. get the Big Gal straightened out in a location that, altho not close, is what might be called close for MG owners. And 3. to basically hole up till the start of the second half of my journey which will include riding the Gulf Coast as far as Corpus Cristi, heading north as far as Austin (always wanted to attend an Austin City Limits and am damned sad I missed the US Grand Prix), turning west and heading for a stop over for Christmas and New Years at my friend's place in Arizona, continuing on to the San Diego area for maybe another regroup, and then slowly up the coast to see friends in the Carmel Valley and Santa Cruz areas before slowly making my way back to Canada for the end of March.
I've barely ridden the loaner and content myself with the daily beach walks and swims.( Yes, swims. I've been in a few times. The locals call it cold around here but the water is warmerr than the Great Lakes in the summer time so I don't mind.)
It's funny how this beautiful sand is colder than the water

And still the sunsets abound

Basically just me and the birds most of the time

Saw a couple of rays scatter from the short when I approached once. And I know the big fellas are out there.

Even tho the water is this clear
I guess both my age and stupidity have dealt me the 'senior moment' blow as I lost my $800 bifocals left on my head when I was wading. Three different strengths of reading glasses just ain't makin it but I have found a cheap glasses place in Panama City with free exam that I will be visiting on Monday.
The other thing I am trying to get straightened out is my cell data usage. Twice now I have contacted my provider in Canada (Telus) to change plans that would keep me from going deep in pocket to pay for them. Unfortunately I mistook monthly to mean from beginning to end of. And they make you instigate it monthly yourself saying it has to be renewed monthly. Aparrently it ran out on the 27th and I rebooked it on the 30th. Those three day were supposed to have cost me an extra $300+. After a long conversation, they said they are going to 'help me out.' Don't know what that means but I've got to get a handle on this data thing. God! I hate it!
The sunsets continue to knock me out

and the small crowds that seem to have gathered at places like this around me are certainly no bother at all.

One night I tried the Margueritaville place that Kedgi had mentioned and found it way too expensive for my tastes. Another place down there called Dustys, I think. I saw cars at and dropped in Friday night to find I couldn't get in the door. No bother, I'm happy with cooking at home. I guess the Thanksgiving weekend has thrown a bit of a wrench into the works for me as I havent heard from the bike shop in a week now. First it was a matter of me getting hold of customer Care to argue my case for warranty replacement of the rotors and, I guess because of more storms in New York, that took a while. They said they would get back to me the next day and didn't. Then, with thanksgiving on Thursday, I guess Danny's shop shut down to maybe next Tuesday so I am just waiting. Long as I have a new bike (OK, a healthy bike) by the 8th which is when I carry on, I'll be happy.
Till then, unless something spectacular happens around here, (I did see smoke way down the coast when that F22 crashed but that could have been anything) you prolly won't hear from me much. Just pretend your Kedgi like I do and enjoy that bastard's trip.
Seriously, I am totally envious..
I once was lost but now I' wait, I'm still lost.
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