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From Crescent City I pick up #101 and begin to travel south along the coast. I don't cover much ground because of views such as this one.

And this one.

Riding heaven: endlessly twisty roads in beautiful surroundings and no traffic.

More rain is on the way and just after getting this photo the skies open up and I duck into an Oyster House to wait it out.

As I ride further south I find progressively more spectacular views. As has been the case with the trip so far, I encounter little or no traffic and even fewer tourists. The tourists I do encounter this late in the season tend to be among the more experienced travelers and are generally quiet and respectful of their surroundings. I imagine it's quite different here during, say, mid-July.

The ocean views are almost overwhelmingly beautiful at times but they're matched by views found on the other side of the highway.

I don't know how to fully express the wonder of these Redwoods using words or photos. You'll just have to see them for yourself.

Down the coast I ride averaging a speed of, maybe, 40 mph as I alternate views of the ocean with stops among the trees.

One of the most heartening aspects of this part of the world is how unspoiled the surroundings are. For all of the tourist attention this coastline receives, it strikes me as very well cared for.
If you've ever felt curious about this part of the world I encourage you to pay a visit and give yourself time to feel it as well as see it.

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