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Originally Posted by dmac1 View Post
In case you don't have time to draft your own, consider using the following. Be sure to customize the part about what recreation you take part in and most importantly, the part about their products. The more specific you can get the better....and obviously if its to a cafe, revise accordingly.

I am writing because I see that your company’s name was on a letter to President Obama concerning creation of a new national monument surrounding Canyonlands National Park.

My family and friends enjoy many forms of recreation in the great outdoors including mountain biking, dirt biking, hiking, canyoneering, rock and ice climbing, mountain climbing and 4wheeling and use many of your products in some of these pursuits. We recognize that certain areas are worthy of a special level of protection, but we feel that there is already an adequate amount of land so protected. We feel that any further restrictions on access and responsible recreation are unneeded and will actually have a detrimental effect in the long run. That is, as less and less land is available for recreation, it will result in overcrowding on the remaining lands which will lead to unnecessary user conflicts and overuse of those lands.

In addition, there are already resource management plans in place or underway for most (if not all) federal land and these plans take into account the particular needs of each specific area and provide for responsible and managed multiple use, taking into account many factors including the history of the area.

Please let me know your position on this so that I will know whether we will wish to purchase any of your products in the future.

Thank you.

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