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I am currently running Motorex because of warranty as soon as it is up I will switch to Amsoil. I personally have had great service from Amsoil in many different motorcycles. That being said I think we can all say we have had great service from many different types of oils. As long as it is doing it's job we don't have issues. It is when we have issues when we know if it is really any good or not. So this is one of the reasons I like Amsoil. My self and 2 others were on the 4th day of a 7 day ride when we stopped for a little break. One of the other guys commented that he thought his cam chain had gotten loose because he could really hear it rattling. He started the bike up and we could here it rattling. The bike being a KLR 650 (which he switched to Amsoil as soon as he got it) it is an easy adjustment, so I said lets adjust it quick and then continue on. As we started to adjust the cam chain we discovered that he had hit something crushed his aluminum skid plate and drove the oil plug up in to the case breaking a hole in the case bigger than a quarter causing all the oil to run out of the engine. We started looking back at the GPS to see where it could of happened. We were only about 3 miles off the last paved road, the trail to that point was sandy and smooth so it had to have happened on the last section of off road we were on which was over 15 miles prior. Being over 500 miles from home and planning on 3 more days of riding we started to go over options. Call his brother to come get him, or fix it and continue on. So I got out some J-B water weld we laid the bike down cleaned up the bottom up with gas and patched the hole. I had 1 quart of Amsoil with me so we pored that in and looked up the nearest gas station on the GPS. After getting to the gas station and getting more oil, we headed off get more patch material which that we put on that night. We finished out trip. He called his insurance company they said have an estimate done on it. So he did when they pulled the top end off everything looked good we couldn't find any damage. We put the bike back together without replacing the cases and he is still running it today with over 8000 miles on the patched cases. It makes oil changes a little tricky but he has that figured that out too. The point of all of this is the bike was ridden to the best of our knowledge over 15 miles at highway speeds with no oil in the crank case and no damage to the internals of the engine.The bike is still running today on Amsoil.
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