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Originally Posted by DoWorkSon View Post
They dealership said that the rubber bushings might have to be replaced to fix the problem... But if not this, then it would be replacing the bars. They supposedly aligned them the best they could, but seems like they might be just trying to get me to shell out some money for this new bushing and the time it took to do the repairs....

This first service/tire replacement reminded me how much I hate the dealership and how much I enjoy doing my own. $80 for a tire change! Come on..... Took them probably about 10 min, if that.
In the US you don't have to go back to the dealer, just have paper work to show the scheduled maintenance was done, and they will legally have to do any waranty repairs.

I got pissed at one of the closer dealers when the mechanic tried telling me my bar risers are making my throttle cable loose. (he set it up with alot more freeplay than I liked)

BUT I would tell them why you are not using them, I can take my time and put a tire on in 20 min. It takes me MUCH longer to get somewhere for an oil change than the 10 min it takes to do one (Plus the time discussing world problems at my friends store when I buy oil and filter.)

I have not heard of anyone needing new bushings for a twisted handle bar
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