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In order, I want to thank KW, BW and DQ for their help. These guys were amazing and really worked hard. Also, a thnk you to BW's daughter who got a trailer and drove all the way down to get me. This is one of those times, you can't put a value of that kind of friendship.

As far as me, I went to the ER last night and the Doctor didn't see anything that needed emergency aid so he cut me free with pain pills and muscle relaxers which I took last night but probably won't any more. I have inner ear issues occasionally and immediately after the wreck, the positional vertigo came back. I'll need to get back in to see me ENT as soon as possible. It took me over an hour of moving this morning before I could really walk normal. Now, I've been up a few hours and am better. We've all been there at some point, you know how it is. It will suck for a while but I'll be ok.

What happened? I've had a few wrecks and this was by far the quickest. It was a good road and I was humming along a bit over 45 when the front end cut HARD to the left. I grabbed the bars and wrestled it back and over compensated to the right. That was then the bike washed out under me. I high sided over the bars and first my head hit the road and then I rolled forward and landed on my butt hard. Almost in a recliner position and slid about 10 ft until I stopped. I could hear the bike behind me rolling and bouncing. All I could think was it was going to catch up and roll over me but it didn't. I then tried to get up and pretty much couldn't. BW was in front and had no idea what had happened so he kept riding. DQ had waited back at the previous intersection of KW. When KW and DQ rode up, KW ran over and told me now to move. I listened even though adrenalin makes you want to jump up.

I couldn't see my bike but could hear the comments like, "Wow, that's not good" and He's not driving this home" and when I looked back and saw it on it's back, I knew it was bad.

Now for the really bad AND I mean REALLY BAD part. I sold my older Suzuki when I bought this BMW and in an obvious moment of utter stupidity, didn't think about changing coverage. The Suzuki was values at about 2,500 and I only carried liability. I simply transferred the same coverage to the BMW. I would have never done that knowingly considering the value of this bike. So now it's a matter of determining if it can be fixed. I've had some overly generous offers to help me and I'm humbled. I'll be honest, yesterday was bad but this morning when I pulled my insurance out to confirm my hospital would be covered and found what I had done, I was broken. It's about as low as I've felt in years.

I'll know in the next few weeks if it can be repaired. Best case scenario is next Spring after spending a thousand or so dollars, I am up and running albeit without panniers. Worst case, it has to be parted out. No way of knowing now.
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