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Nice avatar Calgary06! Thought I'd replied already without my vintage brain realizing.

In a word, yes they bend easy, they also unbend easy. Just like the rims . A lot of the time it's just the setup's been tweaked. I bought a glass plate 8" x 12" 3/8" thick from a window company's scrap bin. Put it on the forks to check the alignment, all 4 edges should touch, no rocking. Then you can loosen the nuts on the bars rubber mounts and straighten that. If it's still wonky then the bars are bent. Tweak them by force then recheck the fork alignment again. I've been turning left for 35k kms. The other bike feels off to me now!

Learn to fix it yourself or stop dropping it . I seen a guy pick up his brand new GS, throw it in the back of the truck and crank the straps so tight the bars bent. ZER0 MILES!

Oh, and please give more info on that $80 tire change. 10 min???? One tire or two? loose wheels or did they have the whole bike? Balance too? Adjust your chain as well? 800's have tubes, ever done that in 10 mins? Not defending dealers in any way so don't take offence plz.
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