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Originally Posted by F800ekelley View Post
TOSH if I bet on anyone it would be myself. Heat is a factor I have taken into consideration I grew up on the east coast and am use to humidy but I have only riden in dry heat of az. Howver not sure if I want to go north of phoenix and over, or go south thru texas. To NC and then go north only thing I really want to aviod is the pa turnpike

Catweasel67 good point thank you I will check out their website I read the advrider hall of wisdom for IBA but I think they might have some more wisdom there

HEYWHATEVER. Good point my uncle lived there was the worst part about driving cross country it was flat and boring only good thing was speed limit in a lot of neb. Is 80 but that state is SOOOO boring
You're going to be stopped by combination of butt-burn and general fatigue. Nobody is saying that it can't be done, but until you've spent a few long days back-to-back on a bike, you really don't know what you're getting into.

The requests for scenic/twisty options without blowing through your allotted travel time also point to a wee bit of over over-enthusiasm on your part. I don't think that you fully appreciate what you're getting into...

Finally, your bike, through no fault of its' own, is not the best choice for a long multi-day slab ride.

PS- in Texas, by mid-June it's already too hot to ride.
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