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Originally Posted by Rwelch360 View Post
On a side note, it was a beautiful day in upstate NY and I went out for a ride!!!
The downside to that is a switched the GoPro to the narrow field of view and while I get less fish eye effect, the camera wasn't angled up high enough, the field of view was dominated by the pavement , I need to experiment some more and figure out a better set up so I can make some videos!
Originally Posted by Rwelch360 View Post
Thank you LittleWan!! Our friend has arrived!!



They make a super cute pair!
So glad the package got there safely. Thanks for the pics, I love them!

happy to hear you’re out riding. Yeah, it takes a while to find the right angle for the GoPro. It can be frustrating at first.
You'll get the hang of it.

Originally Posted by Ladybug0048 View Post
Oh wow, look at that smile that's one happy little boy there. Good job, Little Wan.
Thanks, Ladybug!

Originally Posted by VFR View Post
Gotta add mine in there too. I hope y'all are having a great day. Also hoping Matt enjoys DV. My neighbor just came back from there, doing a newbie off-road ride.

Thanks again for the report. I hate to see these end--you have such a great writing style. From your perspective, you are long past ready for it to end.....
Originally Posted by redog1 View Post
Hope you both had a great Thanksgiving and a big thank you for sharing your RR. I'm bummed it's coming to an end but it just frees you up for the next BIG adventure. I hope Matt has a great time and no flats in DV.
Ride on...

Thanks VFR and redog - so far it seems like Matt is having fun in DV.
At least, that’s how it looks on the SPOT tracks (haven’t talked to him).
Looks like they camped in Eureka Dunes the first night.
Here’s where they were last night...

Maybe Rob has some photos from that location...

(I just figure you know every inch of DV)

Originally Posted by PinkPillion View Post
The smoke was off the hook this summer. Thanks for thinking about us!
Four huge fires burning up the forest--and desert.
Ramhorn is one of our favorite places to ride. You went past just before the fire hit that area.
It is pretty fried up out there, but the campground is still good, and empty.
Glad the mountain lions were not hungry that night.

I was reading the report and my daughter saw the mameshiba video. She made these.

Way bummed this is about to be wrapped up!
Hey PP, yep - we thought we might be missing some good riding right there.
But the smoke.
We were anxious to get some cleaner air.
Wow, your daughter is talented!
Those are some cute Mameshibas!!

Originally Posted by PDX Alamo View Post
Love me some Apple trailers! Pretty nasty looking stuff , Well done
Hi PDX A - glad you liked the trailer! Have you been to DV yet?
Put that on your list of places to go (but, make rocks and sand your favorites, first. )

Originally Posted by CB160 View Post
We're not very interesting.

Ah Kelly, you do have that proper 'twist' to make things 'interesting'...boring or not, lol
And the 'Mr.' is just a crazy bus driver (of the absolutely best kind, ha!)
Mucho work, but if you put your travels on a CD, I for one would buy a copy... :)
Would make a nice coffee table book any friends in the publishing biz?
Have a great holiday season!

Thanks, gt!
That’s so sweet of you!
But if you guys had to pay for this stuff, I’d have to do a better job.
I'd have to fix my grammar and maybe take better photos...

But, maybe some day. If we win the lottery.
Matt and I always talk about how fun it would be to take reader suggestions for rides,
with follow up reports.
It would be exciting to see where you guys would send us!
I could see a whole series (articles maybe? episodes?)
But it would probably turn into “Trying to Kill the Wans” or something like that.

Thanks for the Tday wishes, you guys!
Hope you all had a nice holiday.
We did. It was our best Thanksgiving in years.

Usually we’d do turkey, but my grandfather was hoping for a roast.
He has been eating hospital/care facility food for a month...
How could we say no?

Matt made beautiful prime rib - it was outstanding.
My family is really picky. Everyone wants it super rare - pink, but not raw.

Matt made 11 lbs of prime rib (2 roasts - for 7 people!) and they were rare all the way through.
Every slice was perfectly rare, even the ends were pink on the inside.
They were juicy and tender and sooo delicious.
Searing the outside, then slow roasting at 250 is the key.
recipe here: america’s test kitchen prime rib.

We had a lot to be thankful for this year.
Here’s my grandad - 93 years old. Doesn't he look great??

He was driving up until last month, but now that he’s got a pacemaker...
I think he’s pretty bummed that his driving days are over. That must suck.

One thing I’m sad about is that Grandad never got to ride 2up with Matt.
We kind of talked about it in the past, but it didn't happen.
Now he’s too breakable.

My uncle got to see our KTM for the the first time.
He used to ride dirt bikes (I think one was a Maico?) and has ridden the Rubicon,
but he couldn’t get over how HUGE the 990s is.

He just shook his head at the thought of us riding the schoolbus, 2up in the rocks.

Speaking of which...

Originally Posted by Hobbes950 View Post
Just when you are getting to my neck of the woods..... I have to wait!
hi, hobbes - sorry - you have to wait just a little longer...

I’ve got one video uploaded and I’m working on another...

Still have to sort through my photos, too.
Slacker. I know.

My sister stayed for a couple days and we just hung out.
Hadn't seen her in months.
She made me watch Game of Thrones with her.
I'm not usually into that kind of magical Dragon-y stuff, but it's a pretty good show.

On the upside, I got lots of knitting done.
(by the way, sorry if you clicked on those knitting links with your filters turned off .
Holy crap, some of those willy warmer pics were pretty graphic!
I guess I had safe search turned on the first time. )

OK, I just grabbed this screen shot real quick -
Gold Lake teaser!

I'll be back.

Here's a little music while you wait...

I know I already used that one, but I love it.
(Tn Walrus, are you still with us?)

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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