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Another orange fighter by "Carrot racing team"

Another orange fighter by "Carrot racing team" -
is a blog- type of story of my new bike being overhauled and built to my liking and needs. The need comes from both - the bad situation of the bike in the beginning and my "me-being-me". I just feel that a motorctycle is a very personal item and there should not be 2 that are totally alike. So always, when I get my new bike, I just try to come up with a plan on how to get the thing "look like mine". To make that to an "adventure" bike - at least my opinion is, that it is even more needed work and a "must". With an adventure bike we travel long distances. We haul lot of miles and carry our mobile "home" on it. We have to rely on the bike a lot of the bad situations and maybe even consider the metal mesh our friend (in a situation where the flesh-blood type of ones are nowhere to be found). Whenever a technical question comes up with the bike on the trip - I like to be on top of things. People often ask, why do I do all that stuff to my bike and do I plan on keeping it for the rest of my life????
No, I donīt plan on getting to comfortable with the "metal friend" and I donīt "love" my bikes. Some I really - really like though.
I just like being sure of things. This is why iīm the guy who reads the installation instructions of a device and research on things before buying them and also take my bike totally apart and rebuild whilst giving it a thought all the way - : What can I do better, or make like my own".

Ok - now a little bit of history. For some time I use to ride only suzukis. I had gsxr-s and finally ended up on a DL1000. Except for the fact that these bikes are actually for tarmac only - they can be ridden for long days and hours, they are very reliable and easy to fix and maintain. I did a trip on my K4 1000cc gixxer - around 5k miles on european roads and it was actually just fine. Then decided to go and ride the coast of Black Sea. After reading up on the road conditions and all the rest of it, I considered I needed a new bike for any proper touring. So - there came the DL1000. It was in a crappy stage at the time. Looking nice from the distance but very poorly maintained and having many - many problems that needed my attention before I could have my good and long season on it. (and it was long and good one indeed - other than pierced rear tire and some clutch leak no problemos for 10k miles). It was not that tough terrain that we went on, but it was more, than a DL is made for. If You need some background - here is the trip :

Anyhow - my friend "MUNK" was riding the KTM 950 adventure that trip and other than having something destroy the cooling of the bike - it was pure joy and fun on it for him. So I thought i need something similar.
No, the nine-fiddy was not the only bike on my list. First was actually Yamaha tenere. Second was BMW 650 dakar and third was 640 adv. I almost excluded 950 because of its seat height and weight. because I had only been around the friends bike that is the "S" of ninefiddy. It is way too much for me to log around. Then for whatever reason I had a chance of getting one "normal" model for very good price - but I did not feel like wanting it. So I dumped the idea and went for a search. I tried out all of them others. I even liked the dakar a little but most of them appealed to me the tenere. Good ground clearance - good mileage - good seat and good price. But then came the engine - Iīm coming from bikes that have no problem doing 200mph. Not that it is needed but I like the motorcycle as a fast thing on the road. The barely 35KW of these thumper engined made me sad. So I skipped all the little ones and took the 950 instead.
I had some good weekends on it - wanted to ride before the winter, so I could assess better, what needed changing and what I had liked and not liked about the ride.
So here will be the thread, where I talk about the "Carrot racing team" bike being built and all that makes that a nice adventurer finally.
Here is the "Patient" before we had snow and stuff coming down from the sky and it got mutalized by me.

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