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Yeah, that or the Dingo might be a better tool for my general use than the BCS/Grillo, but they are also more expensive and slower. Speed isn't that big of a deal for me though as I am not going to really need to work a lot of land at any given time. My property isn't a farm, it is more of a forest lot with a few clear spots that are sloped, so I don't need to move around very fast.

The tracked nature of these things is better that the 2 wheeled tractors and they have some implements that the 2 wheel tractors don't - and I could use something that can lift stuff and has a grapple and such.

What does your brother use his for? Construction work or for working land?
Used values on the walk-behinds aren't very good. He bought his with about 200 hours on it. He was in construction and did a lot of work finishing out strip mall spaces and wanted something that could get inside the buildings. He has since stopped working in construction but still has a lot of land that he works. He has a 2 acre garden and a 1 acre orchard.

He has put together a little co-op of people with these machines and the smaller Bobcat skid steers so they can share attachements. He has a bucket, grapple bucket, wood chipper, breaker and tiller. We've used the trencher, snow blower and stump grinder. I am sure he's used more than that but that is what I remember.

He used it to build a backstop for his range. He also built a custom attachment to hang deer for processing.

His son is 10 and is REALLY good at driving that thing.

I've used it on my little suburban lot for some projects and I was really impressed. I had to break out a concrete patio that was tilting into my foundation and it made VERY quick work of it. I also used it to move a shed.

He is looking to move to a larger lot. He has 6 acres and wants about 40. He says he'll move to a compact tractor but still keep the Bobcat.
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