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I heard some sound from the sky…better take a rest

her’s how vietnamese kids have fun: up and down on cliff

I have noticed lack of gas station, except some point were you could buy 1 to 5 liter. I had in mind as stop off, A Tep, a big name on my map...big name = big city = gas station !!! After one hour in the middle of nowhere I finally saw a big road sign with the name A Tep and the altitude and nothing else. Wher’s the city ? Wher’s my gas station ?
If you write on Google Maps Latitude (lat): 15°59'0"N and Longitude (lon): 107°31'0"E you can find A Tep, that isn’t a city, but a geographical point.

No one building, no one man, no one animal (I hope), no one veichle. Just me and my bike with more or less 3 liter ( less than 1 gallon) of gas. Ok I can drive for almost 100 km (62 miles), but on my map from A Tep I don’t have any distance indication. But I see two military walking on the road. With some gesture I let them understand I need gas and they bring me to their barracks. It comes a sergent and say me the price: ok .

finally I reach a local motorway cafè and I can full the tank and buy some food

I sleep in A Luoi

Today is Sunday and this to Vinh will result my longest leg: 452 km in one day (281 miles)

the streets in the mountains, here in Vietnam, are amazing

the European Championship of Soccer, here in Vietnam , is a very famous soprting event: today Italy will play against Spain, but due the time zone, very late in the night.

the road flanks a railroad and the train drivers greet to me. Immediately I speed up, overtake the train and so I reach a grade crossing before the train

and I can take a picture of the train !

In a crossroad, two cops help me to find the right way to Vinh

dinner in this restaurant run by a family, on the river and with hammocks

Vinh is a big city , about 500.000 people

my guest house is in little street, but is very nice

I stroll around, looking fora n internate point

in Vinh there are a lot of counterfeit Italian Clothes Shops

Ohh the dinner: just in time in one of the few restaurant open

Around 9.30 pm I’m back in my room. One of the guy remember to me that Italy will play against Spain: ok but around midnight. I’ve got the television in my room, but the game is too late and I go to sleep.
Suddendly a scream breaks the silent of the night: somebody knock at my door: “Mister mister !!!!!” : a fire broke out ? I get out of my room and in the reception 2 guys are jumping and screaming around the television... the italian striker “Totò” Di Natale scored a goal: Italy 1 Spain 0

I went back to sleep: after a minute Fabregas scored for Spain.
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