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Spa and I rode from Fremont Peak near Ridgecrest to Trona, over Escape Rt, up Goler, Mengel, to Butte Valley and return....198 miles.

Goler step has been filled in and could drive a civic up there now. However the rock gardens, two of them, over the other side of Mengel are NOT noob or big bike friendly. Bulldogged thru, pretty gnarly but do-able on mid-size dualsports.

Weather perfect, not too busy. Kept leep frogging a poor guy on a honda that kept asking how to get to Furnace Creek. Yikes, no map or nothin' I guess. We got him headed out Butte Valley.

Escape route from Trona has some wild volcano baby-head fields as you get out to the end, pretty bouncy but nothing to stop dualsports. Spa said they did it on loaded big bikes a couple of weeks prior, would not have wanted to be there on bigger bikes.

Ballerat was a happinin' place, couple'a cold ones and took the hiway back, didn't get back to camp till well after dark. Hard to find our camp road, were it not for GPS probly still be out there.

Couple of accidents on 395 south of Johannesburg, and a life-flite chopper had Trona Road shut down. Went around it on dirt trails.

Pix later or in a RR.
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