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I've been sitting here at home since Tuesday trying to decide what to write and all I can think off is HOLY CRAP we did it.
Brett and I did the Northern sections and the other guys did the Southern.
Brett started and handed off the bike to me at Ojos Negros,38 miles in. I took it down to Borego and Brett got back on and took it to San Felipe where I got back on and took it to Puertecitos.
From Ojos I was doing pretty wel except fo a couple of slow speed get offs in the deep sand sections.No big deal! Down the Goat Trail and on to the pavement. Good for a short rest.Good.--Then down the San Matios wash. Not a problem-------'till some locals in a Jeep Cherokee that I met coming UP the wash. I couldn't get the bike slowed down or turned in the deep sand and almost missed them.I collided with their left rear quarter panel(hope I dented it).This girl,who spoke english got out screaming "I'm sorry,are you OK?" The others picked up the bike and asked if this was the course.Yes it was. The one guy was trying to kick start the bike and I told him "button". He looked at me with the look of no comprehention of what I just said.I got on the bike and said"button"as I pushed the starter button and rode off.I took the bike to Borego and handed it off to Brett.
Now off to San Felipe for a 50 mile stint
John driving and Sue is passing me water,GaterAid, bannanas and apples.We finnaly found Baja Pits to wait for Brett.But ,not quite yet------We got John Jr's suburban stuck in the sand in 4 wheel drive-------------Almost-------------two 60+ guys with extensive off road experience---HUBS LOCKED-----What? OK we rember know. the suburban drives very well in the sand with the hubs locked.We attribute our mistake to our 4 wheel drive vehicles don't require hubs being locked. (that's our story and we're sticking to it)
After a short wait Brett arrives.The bike is doing good so off I go.I'm thinking to myself"this is an easier section and I should be able to make some good time".I'm on the Old Puertesitos Hwy cruzing along at 65-70,just so happy wi-----------------I hit something in the sand and it just jerked the handlebars out of my hands.Oh CRAP--look for a soft place to land.Well that didn't work.I guess I laid there on the ground for awhile because a local was asking me "Senior are you alive?" while I'm trying to breathe,and have an extreem headache and a shit load of pain in my left knee.All I could muster up to reply was "no".
He helped me turn on to my back and I started taking inventory.I by know realize I have rib damage -----Not good as I have 20 miles of very rough road to travel before giving the bike off to Brett again.I went down 2 or 3 more times and all I could hear was my voice telling the other riders"your only responsability is to get the bike to the next rider". The last time I went down I lost the front end climbing up a steep bank.My foot was caught under the bike and I was trying to get up and a crowd arrived out of nowhere.I heard a voice say"that's the Wounded Warrior guys". As I was getting up a guy kneeld down beside me and said"you are almost there,the Hwy is only 300 feet further".Was like he knew how far I had to go.The crowd got the bike off me and I got on and rode away to the cheeres and aplause from that crowd.
I got to the rider change and all were telling me to get off the bike-----I couldn't. I think I told John Sr "I can't".He said "put your foot on the peg and step off". From that point on all I remember is sitting in a chair and Brett riding off.
I spent the next 4 days waiting for the rest of the team to return to San Felipe.In extreme pain I might add.Knowing we finnished,but unaware that we were second in class.When Scott brought in the trophy I was very startled and proud to a member of this team.That's when the pain was not as bad.
Now that I'm home and my better half "forced" me to go get checked out. 1. Destroyed the remaining good parts of my knee---Getting a new one on the 14. 2.Ribs -2 broken and 2 more dislocated. 3. Head-All that know me, know it's not quite right anyway.
I'm still in awe that we finnished let alone a podium finnish. Just to finnish is a feat in it's self.
Thank You to all our sponsors and our support crew and most of all to Race For The Wounded for allowing me to be a part of "Mission"
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