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Originally Posted by murphyKTM View Post
I do a lot of spotlighting for deer here in New Zealand, there is no season on deer, they are considered pests and spotlighting (using a light to see deer at night so you can shoot them) is legal on private property. In fact it is very popular amongst the carnivores here!!
We use LEDlenser hand held torchs for this. The LEDLenser brand is very well made, excelent light output, and focusable.
My earlier question was how will your light compare with one of the LEDlenser X14. Go to website if you are interested.
I am keen to get an LED spotlight that will have a bit more range (Light throw) than the X14, while being light weight etc. I would run it off a motorcycle battery in a back pack. I am also keen on some good LED lights for my KTM. The curent axuliary lights I have are halogens and the draw more current than I care to think about from my bikes system.
Thanks for the link.
Far different game hunting rules here.
It looks like they are using an XPG emitter with a adjustable beam. That has the ability to aim a very focused beam,almost like a wide laser. I imagine the spot is very small to get those distance #'s and not usable for Motorcycles or anything but spoting something.
Based on there #s provided, The Long Range will put out about twice the light, however it is designed to give Usable light for Motorcycles and other off road applications at long distances.
at 200 meters the light beam would be approx 8x + times larger. Off course without seeing it in person its only a guess.
We do sell quite a few portable lights for hunters, as well as battery powerded systems for off road bikes.
If you would like a kit with a 6Hr lightweight LIpo battery and switched cord, I can set you up.
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