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Thanks fellas.
There is hardly a scratch on her. Where there are scratches, it has been masked by touch up paint.
All fluids are sparkly clean and fresh, and topped right up.
Poor thing is currently parked half in and half out of my carport and will be for a few weeks yet. Im getting a slab laid for a new shed in the coming weeks, but till then, its under a bike cover :(

Whats this bikes fasination for getting the front wheel off the ground??
Accelerate moderately in first gear, hit a little bump, and up it comes.
Same in second gear exiting a tight bend, and the handlebars do that little dance in your hands that say "we have lost contact with the road!"

I also joined the highway, and for the first time held it WOT in second and the front was off the ground by a few inches. I felt the steering get light for a second or two, then the light impact of the front wheel coming back to earth.

I will be having a ball on my 'before work ride'today. Cant wait!
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