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Pods on the XL

To catch everybody else up I bought an XL600R motor off of MentalGuru here last week. He said it the motor made very good power when he was riding it, but doesn't know much about what modifications, if any, were done to it. All he could tell was that it had aftermarket valve springs and ran very well with about 12 disks on the supertrapp, when he tried backing it down to 6 disks if felt much slower.

I took the rocker cover off and confirmed that the valve springs look like aftermarket ones, but I can't tell if it's got a cam or anything else just by looking at it. He told me the jetting felt spot on when riding so I did some detective work today and took apart the carbs to check jet sizes...

Now I can safely assume this motor must have been a heavy breather cause these jets are HUGE. It's got a 140 primary and 130 in the secondary! With a 70 pilot jet! Those things are like shower heads compared to the dynojet kit in my carbs. So the evidence shows that Mr Mental Guru wasn't pulling my leg about that motor being powerful because it certainly was thirsty. Knowing this and considering I ride on the street I think it may be beneficial to run pods with this top end.

If anyone has ever run any pods on this bike I'd appreciate any info you can give me. Things like filter type you've used and fitment issues, etc. I have jetted bikes with pods before so this isn't exactly my first rodeo. I know to start I may be getting an even bigger pilot jet.
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