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I, too, crashed and lost memory of the 5-10 seconds before the crash. I have a ghostly vision of someone coming into my lane, but am not sure. I can't imagine what would have made me leave the road. I received a severe dislocation and multiple fractures in my right ankle. Plates and screws and a couple of surgeries. Bike was totalled.During my early recovery, I just couldn't imagine ever getting on a bike again. The thought of riding again was just so uncomfortable. But as the weeks of recovery continued I slowly acclimated to the idea. I had so much time on my hands as I recovered that I would spend time in front of the computer, and out of habit would look at motorcycle stories and sites like ADV. Then I started looking at ebay and craigslist bike ads. Ten weeks after the accident I found a R1150GS that no one seemed to be bidding on. It was also a "no reserve" auction that was ending in 30 minutes. In a brash move I placed a low ball bid to tempt fate. I was sure someone would snipe bid it at the last minute. But no one did. I had just committed to buying a bike that I knew nothing about and had not asked any questions about. I was a little stunned. It was spontaneous move that must have come from deep inside. What could I do but grab my crutches and hobble out to my wife's studio in an adjacent building and confess to my actions. I hadn't said anything to her about getting a new bike at all. After I told her, she took a good look at me and said,"I'm glad, because I know that you love riding..." I fell in love all over again.
Since then, that bike has been to northern Quebec and the Gaspe, to western Ontario, down the Blue Ridge Parkway numerous times, from the east coast to Big Bend. and to New Mexico,Utah, Colorado and back again.
Getting back on was tentative at first, and I have slowed down considerably (usually) and ride more conservatively, but there is some inherent drive to ride. It is a pleasure that I haven't found anywhere else.
All in all, to ride again after an accident is a personal decision, but to me, it feels like I made the right one.
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