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Per your request...........

Hello Dwight. I just finished the 140 pages of Vinny's No Fumar Espanol and was browsing the site for the next epic adventure to hitch my wagon to so I could live vicariously through someone else for a while. Really glad I found yours. You write a great report and your photos are excellent . Thanks for taking the time to share the experience. If you find yourself near Villavicencio, Colombia I have a hammock or a couch, very secure bike parking and a cat that you are more than welcome to. Its the road less traveled here but we are on the edge of the Andes with the very warm weather you seem to like. Its about a 3 to 4 hour ride south out of Bogota but the scenery and the small towns dotting the landscape along the way are beautiful. FYI I dont speak Spanish either and I have lived here since January. Villavicencio is a pretty good sized town but well off the tourist trail so many people are shocked to hear and see a Gringo. Ive had people follow me around stores listening to me talk to my son and lots of people look, point and whisper. One of my Gringo friends said he kind of feels like a celebrity. On the other hand my 5 year old is now fluent in Spanish. I guess like they say its hard to teach an old dog new tricks. My vocabulary is huge but I just cant seem to be able to put all those words into a sentence. I'm subscribed so you are now stuck with me, Ride safe and keep the pictures flowing!!
What a wonderful offer. I'm going to have to look into where you are and see how that works out. It sounds like fun. I love cats and I picked up little Gerry yesterday afternoon when I came back from the ride to town, and he finally purred.

It amazes me how easily kids pick up language. Little Liam and Melody that live next door, at home, talk to Angele in French and me in English like it's nothing.

I was sure getting looks this evening when I rolled into this little town, Arriaga, Chiapas. No doubt everyone was wondering what I'm doing here. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a rail siding right in town with about 15 boxcars and there were about 100 people on top of each car. So sad and so dangerous for them.

I can ask for a few things in Spanish and I get buy but I miss being able to really talk to people and answer their bike questions etc. I am getting the hang of the common questions, where you from? where you going? How big is the bike? how many cylinders etc.

I am like you in French, I have a good vocabulary but I cannot put ti all together. I understand more than I ever speak.

Thanks You again for your wonderful offer

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