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Well I'll add my 0.02 worth---We had a wonderful day until rounding that corner and seeing KS splayed out --with the bike up on it back and the wheels straight up in the air--bits and pieces everywhere---as I came around further I see KS on his back and not moving ---went back into medic mode and got off Frau Brueller purty quik to get to him--DQ right there with me--after prelim check he looked "shaken and stirred" but all his parts seemed to be there but dizzy as hell---Thank Goodness for helmets and gear-without that he might of not been here---He's a pretty tough ole boy---Made it back home on the trailer of shame and I would not leave until he went to get checked out --So Mama KS gets him ready and off we go to the ER---He comes out walking a little crooked but at least walking- says he's ok and sore -- said he was going home and try to relax--I texted BW and DQ to let them know status and I went on the little jaunt back to my house --about and an hour later when I get home i see that KS texted me so I know that he's ok and he was worried about me getting home---TOLD YA'LL HE'S A TOUGH OLD BOY......... DIDN'T I---

So I would guess that the Rebuild of his bike will be my participation of the next GREAT PROJECT-----
hang in there KS and we'll get patched up and rolling if possible ---maybe Santa can help with some of it

Later KW

'09 R1200GSA (Frau Brueller)
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