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I have a spare Karoo 2 for the front, thought I would try it when the Scorpion Rally is spent. It's definitely more road-oriented than the rally, with closer spaced and shorter knobs. The Karoo(T) that came on the bike was so bad offroad I pulled it off after just 200 miles. I'm skeptical about the regular Karoo front. OTOH, the rally has been just fantastic. It has about 2500 miles on it with maybe another thousand to go. Starting to 'ramp' a bit, so it may come off before it's fully worn down. They do firm up with a few hundred miles on them and will rail the corners, both on and off pavement.
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What tire pressure are you riding them on road and off? Are you adjusting them to terrain?
I hear good things in general about both Karoo's including some of the guys riding the GS Trophy event and the Karoo T's that are mounted on these bikes
The scorp rally front finally got squirelly after about 3500 miles so I put the Karoo II on it that I had sitting around. The rally looked about 75% worn. I run everything at about 20lbs on and off, or air up to 25lbs or so if it's gonna be a long road trek (which I don't do on this bike). It does not bite as well as the rally offroad but is okay, works fine on road, no head-shake at 75-plus so that's good. This is on the Husqvarna TE630 though.

The Karoo (T) Traveler were absolute pieces of shit. Worst tire I've ever run on a bike. The front I took off at 200 miles, the rear was worn to 1/8" in 750 miles. I would run 25lbs on road and 18-20 off. This is on a 325lb bike.

Next tire I'm trying on the front is a T63 since I like them so well for the rear.

On the Tiger XC either the stock Scorpion Trails or the Fullbore USA M40/41's. Both are great tires.
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