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Originally Posted by opium89 View Post
Needs some opinions from my fellow DR inmates....

Have a 1999 DR with a grenaded case. Found a replacement bottom end at a salvage yard. Seeing as I am not quite sure how many miles might be on the bottom end I purchased, my original plan was to swap *everything* from the original engine and move it over to the new case. Now that I have it apart, I am not so sure it's worth the bother to split the cases, and simply move everything else over to the replacement. Anything you folks can think of that I should look for in making this decision? I'd really hate to not do it, then find out there's a bad bearing or gear in the replacement bottom end. Anything above the obvious I should be looking for in making this determination? Keep in mind I was an auto mechanic for 11 years of my life, so I am not completely oblivious to signs of normal engine wear. So far, I can't fault the replacement in any way, at least visually, performing some cursory spins, and looking for play in the rod, bearings and output shafts.

Something else has me a little stumped so I have another question. The grenaded case is from a 1999 model bike and did not have this washer behind the flywheel when I took it off.. Parts fiche shows it for 1999, and 2000, but not for 2001...I was told the replacement bottom end was from a 2000 model year bike. What's it doing there?

I rebuilt my 2009 last winter from the cases up due to a bearing failure. I got the numbers for all of them and ordered SKF bearings from I sized them based on caliper measurements and what I could get from the fiche on sites like bikebandit. Over 9000 miles later is runs fantastic. My point: you have to go in there anyway, might as well do it all. Simplybearings prices are much lower than suzuki and for far better bearings. I think I spent 1/4 of what I would have if I bought OEM (especially the Chinese bearing I found).

You'll kick yourself if you go through all that only to have something fly apart. I know it would make me nuts.
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