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Originally Posted by Ash-7 View Post
- For starters, the kickstarter has a small crack [no e-start] the chinese one the mechanic put on lasted only a week!
My 200 came with the wrong kickstarter entirely, got the right one off ebay.

Originally Posted by Ash-7
There's a clanking sound from the engine at times but after riding it for a while the sound disappears, anyone know what could be wrong?
Does this happen right upon startup, or after you've been riding a while? Can you tell if it's from the top or bottom of the engine?

Originally Posted by Ash-7
I'm told my exhaust pipe is hardly creating any back pressure which in the long run ruin my valves etc.
Technically true, I'm told- but probably has more to do with how it runs, as exhaust pulses help pull the next cycle's exhaust out of the combustion chamber. Makes it pretty loud, I'll bet!

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