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Now that we're in AZ. I took a little time today and tore into this thing. Found that a fuse was corroded and caused electric starter / ignition not to work. Changed the fuse / cleaned connections. I gave it a tiny shot of either and she fired right up but didn't want to keep running. Pulled the carbs off and pulling each float bowl, found everything nice and clean. Finally figured out that one vacuum line was open, so therefore the vacuum operated petcock wasn't getting enough suction to allow fuel to pass.

Found a few jury rigged items during my inspection, some miss-matched fasteners, choke cable mount missing at carbs, the "pull" throttle cable in place but the "push" cable missing its' braided cable guts. Throttle still works though due to the large return spring.
Fired her up and ran it down the street. Damned thing is fast...and quiet. Still has some vacuuum leak issues going on at the intake boots where the carbs attach. I'll have her purring in the next few days if all goes right.

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