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Heading down the Extraterrestrial Highway......

I believe I've said it before... maybe in last years R/R. That the reason so many of us riders and most all people who travel/tour find ourselves in such a blissfull state during our trips. Is because it causes... almost forces us to be in the moment.... to be present. No worries of daily life, no regretting of the past, no worries of the immediate or far off future... which are really and mostly just self made concoctions of our minds.
We breathe deep in every moment, smilingly greet everyone we meet, laugh and joke light heartedly while embracing every person, mountain, tree, brook and sunset that we are fortunate enough to feel.
Our meandering allows us to be the real us... the best we can be, sparkling reflections of life itself. We sense our own presence in these people and places we cross paths with, without even realizing it.
We feel Joyful and Free!

I'll add a poem from Kabir, the wild poet of fifteenth-century India, who has his way of framing the calling of presence, and how easily it can escape us:

Friend, hope for the Guest while you are alive.
Jump into experience while you are alive!
Think... and think... while you are alive.
What you call "salvation" belongs to the time before death.

If you don't break your ropes while you are alive,
do you think
ghost will do it after?

The idea the soul will join with the ecstatic
just because the body is rotten-
that is all fantasy.

What is found now is found then.
If you find nothing now,
you will simply end up with an apartment in the City of
If you make love with the divine now, in the next life you will
have the face of satisfied desire.

So plunge into truth, find out who the Teacher is,
Believe in the Great Sound!

Kabir says this: When the Guest is being searched for,
it is the intensity of the longing for the guest that
does all the work.
Look at me, and you will see a slave of that intensity.


I roll onward just picking my way toward northern California and taking in all the sights.

A young girl playing near a lake...

A twisty ride off the mountain tops...

Once again facing the setting sun...

Before I know it It's dark and I'm in Caliente, NV on Hwy 93.
Caliente was founded in 1901 on Culverwell Ranch (or just Culverwell), built on land owned by William and Charles Culverwell. The town was initially given the name of Calientes, due to the hot springs present in the area, but later in the year a post office was erected and workers removed the "s" from the name of the town. In 1905, the Union Pacific railroad was completed, followed by the construction of the train depot in the style of Spanish mission architecture. The train depot, built in 1923, is now a museum that exhibits historical information. The town once reached a peak of over 5,000 residents, but its population continually declined.

I see the old Train Staion... beautiful... now a Museum.

On a back street some really nice Christmas lights in June...

The first shot turned out like this... I like it!

Since my lens was clean... and there was nothing in the air.... I can only feel that it was energy.

I see the J&J Fast Food restuarant, laugh to myself and ride out of town...

Soon I come to the sign I had totally forgotten about...

My very very good friend and Best Man at our wedding, Jim Brannon had just last year told me about a CRAZY night and day, broke down out here when he and his wife Paula had moved back to Oregon from Florida a few years back.

Extraterrestrial Highway (Hwy 375)

Nevada State Highway 375 stretches for 98 miles from US-93 in the southeast to US-6 in the northwest. It crosses three large high desert valleys in south central Nevada: Tikaboo Valley, Sand Spring Valley and Railroad Valley. Except for a couple of ranches, the town of Rachel is the only settlement along the way.
In April 1996 Nevada State Highway 375 was officially named the Extraterrestrial Highway for the many UFO sightings along this lonely stretch of road. The highway is close to the mysterious Area 51, a super-secret Air Force test facility, and in the 1980's and 1990's there have been many sightings of unidentified objects near the base. Even today visitors and locals alike often see strange lights in the night-sky while driving down the highway.
The E.T. Highway can easily be visited in a day-trip from Las Vegas. Or make it a two-day round trip, coming up on US-93, then travelling the full length of the E.T. Highway from Crystal Springs via Rachel to Warm Springs, and return to Las Vegas via Tonopah and US-95. This will give you the opportunity to explore some of the nearby places of interest on the way. And if you stay overnight at the Little A'Le'Inn in Rachel, or camp nearby, you get to see the most amazing night sky, far away from the light-pollution of the cities. Please see our maps section for maps and driving directions.
The E.T. Highway is also the fastest connection between Yosemite National Park in the west and Zion National Park and Grand Canyon in the east. This brings many visitors here, especially during the summer months, and reservations are highly recommended if you are planning to stay at the Little A'Le'Inn or in one of the two trailer parks with full hookup.
Please note that most of the E.T. Highway is open range. This means that there is a good chance that you will see some cows crossing the highway, or standing in the road. At night the cows are very hard to see, and there have been several serious accidents with vehicles hitting cows. Please adjust your speed at night.

I wondered what I might find out here for myself, on this Beautiful Full Moonlit night....

I decide I'm a little tired and hungry so I pull off onto the shoulder and park Desiree'. After a moment I think to myself "hmmm ya know no ones gonna be coming down this road AT ALL tonight"! So I pull her back out and park her crosswise in the middle of the ET Highway.
Then I lay down smack dab in the middle of this road... take a toke of medicine, let it soak in for a few moments, sip on my thermos of hot coffee/cocoa and eat some snacks I picked up back in Cedar City, while staring back and up at the Moon in all her Glory...

I'm at peace just laying here hardly a sound but my Sister the Wind, and a few cows bawling off in the distance...

I decide to try and capture the essence of the night with my girl Desiree' framed by the moon and stars...

And then her being lit up by the moon light...

After I fully relax, I get suited back up and ride on up Hwy 375 toward the Junction of Hwy 6 which heads pretty much due west to Tonapah. As 375 starts to go basically due north I check the GPS/Montana for a cut off road over to 6 which will save me some miles. I'm a bit close on fuel after spacing off fuel in Caliente I guess (anyhow can't quite remember) and the cutoff would be nice!
I see Back Gate road and head off to the West.... the temps are now down around 38F. I turn on the heated grips and go about 13mi out branching off onto some different roads as I go... moonlight keeping everything in an eerie (in a good way) glow. After a fw miles it turns to dirt.. aaah this is nice, I keep a watch out for critters as a few have darted out in front of me, which almost always happens on Full Moon nights.
As I ride along on this cut off, something starts to not feeling right??? I double check the Montana and all is well... hmmmm damn!
Nope something just isn't right. Shit ok.... 13mi into this little adventure now, and by the time I retrace my steps I will have burned 26mi worth of my presious gazzzz.

Doesn't matter, it just isn't right!?! Sooo I turn her around and head back for the main road. Stop at the Y, take a piss, drink the last of my thermos put on my rain gear as a windbreak and head north into the night.

About 17.5mi from the intersection of Hwy 6 Just south of Twin Springs Ranch Rd, I see something odd over on the left shoulder... colored lights... what the?

This shot from beyond the object after I pulled over into the ditch...

It's a small car rolled over on it's driver side door, bellypan facing south the way I was coming and the way he was going. I jump off the bike and yell "Hey anyone in there"? (I don't know how but I knew whoever was in this crash was still in the car and it was fresh)

"Yea" comes the reply...

"You alright"?

"Yea I'm ok" with a slow drawl...

"OK let me see what I can do for you" I climb up on the top which is the passenger side door, about 5ft up, and open the door against its own weight it's a good bit HEAVY!
I've crashed lotsa cars... lots, so this is pretty familar territory for me. I look down and he's still buckled in and jammed against the door. If I hadn't came by he may have suffered from some hypothermia before morning and before anyone else were to come by, since he was just wearing a tee-shirt and absolutely could NOT move on his own accord!
He was a good 300lbs and not an ounce less... maybe 360lbs since he wasn't a short guy at all. Funnny thing is he tells me he has just lost 96lbs!!! Damn... I think to myself, this would have been a whole lot harder if you were still that heavy, old buddy!

He had fallen asleep and rolled her a couple times on the southbound side. I have done this a couple times myself but knock on wood saved everyone I'd fallen asleep during... just wrecked the ones where I was being a maniac or drunk. I told him to keep that little fact to himself and just say he swerved for a critter. I'm all about the Truth, but this is a delicate spot where his livelihood is at stake. He said this was weird because he used to drive a wrecker and was usually the one winching other peoples rigs outta the ditch, now he's an escort driver for Semi's.

I get him unbuckled and help pry his legs free, then clear away broken glass and debri to try and help him up. This is a work out especially now that his adrenaline has faded... finally we get him standing up and all the while holding the door open I try to pull him, help him find hand and foot holds on the dash, and coax him to climb out onto the quarter panel.
This isn't working out so good as I can't pull as well as I'd like, so I reef the hell out of the door to rip it out of the way. Then jump in where I can push on him and direct his foot placement with my hands. This works and soon he's on the side or roof as it feels.
Now to get him off the 5ft cliff the car represents... it takes all of 10min to convince him of the safety and do ability of this little trick.

He finally trust me and I get down below to push against him while again helping him place his feet. After a couple more minutes he's down and sitting on some of his gear on the other side of the car, where I took the above picture.
I go back in to get him warm clothes, some gloves to wear and a couple bottles of water. In the debri field I see a gas can... hmm I could use some of that, he says as an escort driver he always carries extra fuel. Though this can's empty, inside I'll find another with about 3 gallons in it, I explain that after my little detour I'm really low on fuel, like fumes, and I could use some to get to Tonapah for help.
He moans about the cost of fuel and I think what... after I just pulled your as... (Hahaha just kidding I had to throw that in there!^)- )

So after double checking he'd be ok and warm, I head the 70mi to Tonapah to find some help. It takes a while to find a Sherrif if he was one... may have been a 911 phone guy? Had a side arm and came out of the Sherrifs office look'n kinda suspicious of me, ooh well...
I told him the exact location of John and that he'd swerved to miss an Antelope, and that he was ok no ambulance needed.. BUT better hurry do to the low temps and such.

I then got myself a cheap Motel for the remainder of the night, took another toke and lay down thinking to myself... there ya have it Ol' buddy... your own Extrateeeerestriaaaal Highway story!

And that's the END of the story... at least for today!

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