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Laugh First time

This ride was a first for me. I have ridden in the desert and much of the area that the LAB2V ride covered, but have never done an organized ride like this, or linked all of the riding together in one day. No pictures or vids this year, hope to change that in the next few months with a GoPro. Here is what I posted on the LAB2V page that RAZR started leading up to the ride:

First time LAB2V for me. Could only ride day 1 due to family commitments on Saturday. Thanks to RAZR for starting and maintaining this thread. And District 37 for a great event.

I only came off once in the sandy whoops the morning of the first day near the wind farms in Mojave. Tweaked my knee really bad. Kept riding wanting to finish and get to Barstow. That didn't happen. Had three rear flats throughout the rest of the day! They sucked a lot of time. Only made it to Ridgecrest. First flat was a nail that I picked up. Second flat was tearing the valve stem, must have spun the tire, 16 psi proved too low without rim locks. Third was a pinch flat on 18 psi, just a few miles from Ridgecrest on that raised gravel section that looked like an old rail bed. Unlucky. Pulled the pin in Ridgecrest as the sweep had already gone through. Called for our truck and hung out in the Subway for a few hours.

Knee was stiff and hard to put weight on. Was going to wait and see how I did before going to the ER. Around 1am the pain and swelling was too much. Worried I had dislocated it I went to the ER. Good news was no fractures or dislocation. Bad news is torn meniscus and MCL. Splint, crutches, pain meds, and follow up with Orthopedic on Monday. Still made it to the family event on Saturday, on crutches.

Started preparing for for LAB2V 2013; ordered rim locks yesterday. Hope everyone made it home safe.

Lessons learned: be prepared for mechanicals. My buddy that I road with said that I should not worry about flats, he has only had one flat on the trail in many years. I opted to change my tires myself when I put new tread on getting ready for the ride so IF I got a flat I would be somewhat familiar with what to do; paid off in spades, three times was just plain unlucky and I almost didn't throw my patch kit in my bag. I used glueless patches from my mt bike kit and they were awesome.

Appreciated everyone that stopped or slowed down to see if I was okay when I was fixing the flats. and I talked to many riders who offered help with the number of flats that I had. bottom line is be prepared and I can not recommend the Motion Pro tire spoons enough. With all of the time I spent with them they have the best cost-to-use ratio of anything in my kit $30 for the set is money well spent.

Great event. Planning for both days next year. Had a blast and learned a lot.

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