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Originally Posted by ecubed View Post
NOT GOOD !!!!!!......we will be watching time delayed races because they will shift it to prime time, no pre/post race coverage except for a few shots of David Hobbs talking Brit, no P and Q coverage......and Wal-mart, Golden Corral and Ford commercials.....

I WILL be pissed if they time shift.....they [FOX] did on the British GP....
I assume they'll show the races live on the NBC Sports network. Unfortunately, Steve Matchett and Leigh Diffey have been hired to commentate. Hobbs too, but I like him.

There will be scheduling conflicts, though. NBC has also won rights to Premier League soccer. F1 and soccer will clash for the European races. Not sure how they'll resolve that.

I don't know why they wouldn't sow qualifying. They do so for IndyCar. Not sure about practice.

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