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Originally Posted by bloc View Post
Plenty of us know what those numbers mean.. we took the time to learn.
You can find all of that info and more by going to and educating yourself on the forum.

As far as telling you what oil to use, read your manual. Use the type and viscosity they specify for your climate. Ignore brand recommendations such as Motorex because that name being in the manual probably had more to do with money changing hands in a contract than it being "best."

Any oil you buy and use that meets the specification requirements put forth by KTM will work very well.
Thats for your advice Bloc but your not getting it. Their a heaps of oil threads (to educate yourself from), with everyone having a personel preference based on location, climate, oil availability, what your mates at the pub recommend etc. Here in Australia we can't buy Shell Rotalla, our Delo 400 is made by Caltex not Chevron (probably same comany but who knows) and we have products, like oil made by Gulf Western that you don't you won't win an oil thread (to many variables) and your right in saying buy the oil that meets your specification
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