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Offering some technical clarity here regarding the discussion of Voltage Rectifiers -Regulators

The Shindengen VRs are both SHUNT style. The OEM unit (similar to the SH821) in the KTM is the SCR style (shunting to ground to regulate maximum voltage output).

The "upgrade" Shindengen (most people are choosing the FH020AA) is a MOSFET style (still shunting to ground to regulate maximum voltage output).

SH821 internal diagram:

FH020AA internal diagram:

The significant difference between the two is the amount of heat they generate from shunting the voltage, the amount of current output that they can maintain at a given airflow. Basically the MOSFET unit will maintain a higher output of current for a given higher temperature. I have seen and heard of the MOSFET units doing a better job of maintaining correct system voltage in addition to running cooler than the SCR style.

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