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Happy birthday to me Saturday started just before dawn and it was chilly! We grabbed a quick bite at the hotel and found it mobbed with both moto and softball families. There must be a tournament around.

My race didn't start until 11am so we had plenty of time to walk around.
Here's Jeremy McGrath's rig. He brought in all that sod!

The announcer was telling a sad story......A kid who just flew in from Hawaii to meet his dad here got his truck and all his gear stolen at a nearby hotel (the one John's cousin was staying at). Fortunately, his bike was already at the track but he needed size 8 boots and a small helmet.........I have both so I ran up to the announcer booth and told him if could have my boots back in time for my race he could borrow them and there seemed to be plenty of time.

It turned my helmet was way too big and he got a free helmet from a vendor and boots that fit better. He got 5th in his division. Oddly enough his dad showed up on Sunday looking if he could borrow the boots but I was on my to my own GP and wasn't able to lend him my pair:-(

But Saturday's race was approaching and I was getting in the zone. I wasn't nervous as I had zero pressure to do anything but finish. But this was now a different bike with my number plates and transponder. I took it for a quick spin and loved it. This CR250F has FI and started on the first kick. My next MX bike will have to have FI.

This is going to be my second race ever. It was supposed to be my first, (I booked this trip after getting hurt preparing for race at Walden Playboys) but I decided to race an Extreme MX event at Diamondback MX near Albany NY. I got third in my division! Out of 3 guys (Over 50 Vet) but I did get a trophy

It's a good thing I signed up for the Novice GP as it quickly sold out. At Diamondback I lined up with 2 other guys, today I was starting with 121 riders on the track (4 divisions). It was pretty sureal The first turn was a huge Taladega

We were assigned lines dozens of riders across by division and we started off this way. The GP start was unlike anything I've seen or heard of. When it's your line's turn to start, all the riders start their bikes and put their clutch hands on the helmet......When the old guy in the floppy hat, boxer shorts, shirt and tie gives you the signal, you go! I guess the Rekluse guys were getting holeshots
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