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Originally Posted by scottmac View Post
Prime Rib!!!!

Thank's for the recipe link Kelly, I'll be putting that one to use for sure.
Hey scottmac,
Oh, if you like prime rib, you have to try that recipe!
We’ve used it at least 4 times now, and it’s always perfect.
One slight change for the recipe - Matt sears the meat first, then we salt and pepper the outside (it’s a 2 person job.)
As written, it’s salt/pepper first, then sear.

Also - freshly ground sea salt and pepper are the way to go.
I like the Trader Joe’s grinders.
Matt has the camera, but I stole this pic from the internet.

Originally Posted by Hobbes950 View Post
Awe, you're such a tease. Got excited when I saw the orange type, but NOOOOoooooo!

I don't want it to end, drag it out as long as you want.
It’s not that I want to drag it out, but these posts take forever and I can only handle so many hours in front of the computer at this point.
Just trying to finish this up without half-assing it.
I've been working on this stupid thing all day.
Must. keep. uploading.

Originally Posted by Ladybug0048 View Post
“Trying to Kill the Wans” I can see what the two of you would do with that type of thing. You would see it as a challenge and go for it. Actually it would be fun to see where people would send you and read your after reports.

Your Grandfather looks amazing. I wish I looked that good now.

Now about that willy warmer..... I think I'll let that one pass although it would be a nice gift to leave with the Playboy in Death Valley.

Waiting patiently for more report.
Thanks, Ladybug!
OMG - that's hilarious!
What a frickin' great idea.
I like the way you think.
An ADV willy warmer.

Day 53: 8/13/12
Ramhorn CG to home 335 miles

There had been some drama in the campground last night when this guy
locked his keys in his truck.

We heard a bunch of panic and then 3-4 guys spent hours trying to get into the truck.
I think they were trying to fish the keys off the driver’s seat - using fish hooks?
There was lots of talk about fish hooks.
Loud talk. This group had no volume control.

I wanted to make Matt go over and help,
but he thought they had enough people to figure it out.
We watched a really dumb movie in the meantime.
(it was a magical dragon-y version of Pineapple Express. Bad )

Finally, around 11pm, we heard the owner of the truck...
“Okay, let’s hope that maybe I left the back unlocked... YES!
He crawled into the unlocked camper shell, reached through the sliding window and got his keys off the seat.

There were cheers and high fives all around. Huzzah!
I couldn’t help but chuckle as they congratulated themselves on being “excellent problem solvers!”

It only took them 3 hours!


Lizard hanging on a rock.

I like these ants. They look like they’re wearing fur bikinis.

Hmmm. I thought raquel welch wore a fur bikini in One Million BC,
but turns out it’s not that furry.

We saw more smoke as we were leaving the campground.

Matt and I talked about doing the Pacific Crest Quest, starting at Lassen,
but we had done that section before and it wasn’t great.
With all the smoke in the area, we decided to just slab down to the best parts of the trail (day 7).

There were a lot of hot rods on the road - they were probably coming home after Hot August Nights in Reno.

God, I hate slab.
The highway is so boring, I really wished I had a book or a kindle.

We passed one of those shoe trees, but I didn’t get a photo.
Could have been that Ravendale shoe tree (we were on 395).

"Put Your Campfire Dead Out" No kidding.
It seemed like most of the West was on fire at this point.

Stopped in Graeagle.

Last burger of the trip!
I don’t think I’ve had a burger since.

Matt and I were just talking about how neither one of us has had a Mountain dew, Red Bull or Monster since Oregon.
It's really not a normal thing for us. Only on long rides.

There has been plenty of learning juice, though.
And, ice cream.

Look at this weird cone. Hard to tell from the photo , but it was translucent and icy.
Maybe not enough milk/cream?

I’m sure Pink Pillion recognizes this...

Gold Lake, here we come!

Considering it was a monday, there were lots of people at the lake.
Horse people, hikers, jeeps...
Hmmm. Guess I got lucky and none of them got into my photo.

Here come the rocks!

Originally Posted by Hobbes950 View Post
That trail looks like so much fun! Doubt I could do it 2 up, but I'd have a blast trying it solo. Not quite single track, difficult enough but nothing too scary. Man, I need to scout out some stuff down here. There's gotta be stuff just like that in the Sierras.
Here you go, hobbes!
This is soooo much easier than Crane Mountain - and it’s right in your backyard!
HD for the rocks...

In case you're wondering - when matt’s talking about “training for Rocky III” he’s referring to the guy in the green shorts at about :30.
Don’t ask.

There are some nice campsites by the lake.
No charge, and we hear that the rocky road really thins the herd.

Lots of hikers.

Here we go - the last riding video of the report!
That song has been stuck in my head for a while...

In the summer of stupid, this next section was covered in snow.

If you want to see with snow/without snow photos,
they’re in this post.

There’s a couple of the old crazy hand-held videos in that post, too.
We'll be heading to Butcher Ranch next...

But, that’s it for today.
My hands are killing me.

One last tarako video, too!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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