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I was on the last line (of 8) and thankful. My plan was to let the young lions go, and then go as fast as I could before they lapped me. And that's pretty much the way it went.

I took it easy on the start as this was my first lap on the bike and I really didn't know how it was going to react after yesterday's debacle. The 250 I had on Friday was geared completely different than this one. This one was used to race Supercross and had it's fifth gear taken out...So John took the rear sprocket down a few teeth to even up the gearing. What a surprise when I crested the first downhill and couldn't slow down...On Friday's 250 I was coasting down in 3rd gear and still had engine braking control....On this 250 with the smaller rear sprocket I was screaming down the hill. Shifting to second didn't help but the motor screamed louder so I kept in in 3rd and used more front brake. Other than that I liked the CR250F a lot! I would consider a red bike in the future. It felt and acted a bit lighter than my Suzuki, but my RM-z felt like it has more under the hood and maybe turns a little better, but honestly I had less than an hour on the bike so I can't really be a good judge.

After the first turn I was pleasantly surprised to find a handful of riders that were slower than me! I carefully picked off 2 or 3 of them on the first lap and reeled in my last victim on the second lap just as we were overtaken by a wave of fast riders. After that I just kept my line and let the fast guys do their thing. This was more of a trail ride to me than Motocross. One lap here is almost 4 times as long as the ones on my home track. The dirt was great, plenty of traction everywhere...A brand new pair of Mx51s didn't hurt

Sadly I would be scored a DNF due to a faulty transponder. We went down to the control booth and they confirmed it. They have people writing down the numbers in the tower during the race, but apparently nobody cross-referencing the info. They said they would look into it but I doubted it. It's not like I didn't pay $60 a race! (*11/28/2012 they did change my result and I finished 110 out of 121 in all 4 divisions)

Chris had lots of drama with the supposedly fixed CR450F. He went down on his first lap in the sand section and was unable to restart his bike and had to walk it back to the pit.... About 2 miles! The electrical problem was not fixed. You can see him trying to start his bike about halfway through the first lap and me talking to him after the race in the video. Here it is in its entirety. This video is proof that I finished.

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