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I've started having the "hot start" issue on my new 2012 G650GS, and it's annoying at best. I do have a sealed battery, forget the brand, and it does have the required oomph to overcome the decompression issue and fire after about 3-4 tries. I'm sure the stock battery would give out before the sealed style. I have about 2200 miles on the bike. I had mentioned this to the dealer, and they told me that BMW wanted to see the bike AFTER it accumulated 2000 miles. So, I guess I'll look for a dryish day and plan to take the bike to the dealers. Or, I can "get stranded" near my house, call for assistance and they can flat bed it to the dealer. It's too new for this shit to be happening in my opinion. I for sure want this fixed before next summers "off the beaten path" trips.

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