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Will it buff out?
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Noah travels with his PC not only for comms on the road,but also in case the KTM needs to be adjusted or to problem solve.

He plugged it into the Triumph with a universal cable/connector and the Triumph logo came up automatically. After that he was trying to see if there were any error codes etc. Craig did very well at keeping the Triumph running,although frustrated,and where at the end of the trip,it turned out to be a 'stepomotor' or something sounding like that. Initially we thought it to be a breathing problem....but that picture comes later.

His symptoms were that when he backed off the throttle completely it acted the same as an on/off ignition switch. He can correct me if I'm wrong but even if he clutched it,freewheeled and let the clutch still wouldn't fire a restart with the key was required....made it difficult to ride,but bearing in mind the terrain and the duration he did exceptionally well.

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