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Originally Posted by sama3033 View Post
I've already completed the forks and there's a tiny bit of grinding to do there before you can get to the compression shim stack but it's nothing and only requires some Locktite on the threads when rebuilding. I had a lot of fun with this by the way and learned a lot in the process. The biggest problem I had was reseating the compression valve assembly and getting it torqued to the right specs because it will just spin if you cannot get a proper grip on the rebound shaft.

The only problem I foresee with the shock is the nitrogen but it may just be a matter of getting my local shop to recharge it afterward. Live and learn.

When reinstalling the base valve into the cartiridge the stand process is to extend the cartridge rod and pull it to one side of the upper fork tube. This well eliminate the lower cartridge spinning while reinstalling the base valve.
As for the WP Adventure unit, it does not have any peening on the nut. It will make it very easy for you to swap out the pistons and valving.
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