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Originally Posted by njoytheride View Post
Good questions and great answers. I ened up with the F800GS and 2000 street legal XR650R. I take the 800 places it really shouodn't go. It will do it but it is a lot more work. Still fun mind you but a lot more work. I would hop on it today and ride 1200 miles to Moab and do the White Rim Loop then hop on it and ride back home. The Honda is just plain fun off road and surprisingly not bad on the highway. I wouldn't ride it to Moab but if it was there I would do the Top of the World and Elephant Hill after doing the White Rim Loop. Just not a perfect all around bike but the F800GS is as close as it gets.
That's what I've found; for the mix of riding I do (needing to cover a fair number of road miles to get to the really fun offroad) my physical size and riding ability, the F800GS is still the best "all around" bike I've come across. I have no particular loyalty to it or BMW. If Japan made something better, I'd buy it.

It is a lot harder work getting the F8 through some trails than it would be on a proper Enduro bike, or even on a 600cc Dual Sport with an 18" rear wheel. The actual number of things I've come across that are impassable for me on the F8 that I could have gotten over on a 450 Enduro, however, are very few. I am looking at other bikes to augment the F8 and I've decided I want something right at the other end of the spectrum; a Freeride or Husky TE250/310 most likely. I want something to ride specifically in places I would have no chance getting the F8 through.
I like my bike because I can overtake 4x4s down farm tracks with a week's worth of shopping on the back.
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