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Originally Posted by Tessitori View Post

Quick technical question: since the weather has gotten somewhat cooler, should I change the settings on my unit in order not to lose performance gains?
As JJ said a couple of posts back, no, not really. But let me elaborate on that a little.

The jumper on the IICE Air can be left on the -20C setting. The internal thermistors track the incoming air temperature and maintain whichever offset the user has selected. This means that at the -20C setting the ECU receives an Intake Air Temperature signal that is 20C lower than actual.

However, as you know the IICE Air is adjustable to any one of four temperature offsets. The adjustment capability is primarily for compatibility with our future products, and for extremes of ambient temperature. Extreme can best be described as barely tolerable for riding.

All the above notwithstanding, the four jumper settings are also there because some riders really want the ability to make adjustments. At least a hundred various user posts prove that the old adage is true, namely that 'your mileage may vary'. And who am I to argue with that?


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