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Originally Posted by Bryant View Post
That said, I also had a little episode (popped the front tire - deep in the middle of the woods) where I came to the realization that having a good tool kit on board is a must. Hence this post...

So in addition to being a total NUBE in the dirt, I'm also somewhat of a novice when it comes to working on bikes... and while I know the OEM kit is mostly useless, I thought a thread to discuss what people are throwing in their 610 tool kit would be fun (as it's highly personal..)

So far I've heard everything from a packet of vasilene, ty wraps, a small can of WD40, 30' of small diameter rope, A GREAT MULTITOOL, headlamp, the right allen wrench, wrenches for key bolts, spare tube/tire iron/inflator.......

Thanks for your input, hopefully your suggestions won't be needed - but if they are know that I'll be thanking you from some remote trail w/ less than an hour of daylight many miles from the trailhead..
This thread is helpful:

I personally love this tool, which fits underneath the saddle:

Also, make sure you have the tools to loosen the axle nuts. The Cafe Husky axle wrench plus Uptite axle nut work very well for me:
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