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All great replies. Even though I took a break when the kids were still young, had a couple more bikes in between. Last one was a CB360 I putted around on after moving out to the country. Rode it for a couple years & just tired of it. In comes the beemmer. I've known the previous owner about 7 yrs. Always on one of his 3 beemers & I would always check them out. Wishing I had one. Since I've been driving old bimmers it was only natural in my mind. Over last winter he said he'd probably downsize. Around June I asked again. Took a few conversations & the R80 was mine. Never had riden a boxer before & spent a couple weeks in parking lots putting it through it through its tests. Braking, handling & low speed manuver. Didn't have any issues on the road & felt very comfortable on my new ride. Was practically on it every day weather permitting.

Hate to keep bringing up the wife, but that will/may be my hurdle. When I told her I was getting the bike her 1st response was don't expect me to get on it. In Houston we rode a lot, but that's a different life. As already posted maybe a refresher course is in order. Do I feel I need it, no. But a little learning never hurt anyone. I've got at least 17 yrs in the saddle & fortunately the only time I went down on the pavement was on my 1st bike. Going uphill to the left on kobbies in heavy rain when it happened. Fairly low speed, but had a black left knee for months. As I age (54 now) I feel more careful & alert of my surroundings than ever before on 2 wheels. I've slowed down a lot, don't take chances, & like to leave myself with plenty of room all around planning a way out if needed.

Whether I get back on or not I still have to put the bike back together. It tumbled a couple times & did some damage. Handle bars, forks, mufflers & a whole list of smaller parts to put it to its former glory. Jug bars really helped here & will need straightened. Forks were straightened on my press just to take the front wheel out of its bind.Not for riding, even though it's been up & down my road to check frame balance & that it goes through the gears. Feels like it did before. At this point I'm definitely getting back on. It may end up sitting in the garage a year or 2 until the wife comes around, but no plans to sell.
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