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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
There is one guy selling the DVD on eBay, I asked him a week or so back what the revision level was,
I have Rev #4 which is over a year old and does not cover the 2013 models ................. so ...
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Are you stalking me or am I stalking you? I can't keep track.

Since we correct each other's sentences.......My DVD is revision 6 dated 12/2010 so it beats your 4 . Doesn't really matter. A lot of the revisions seem to be translation related. Like "The front brake is not adequately ventilated" ? Well it's right there out front, how much more air does it need? Translation: air in the brake system! It's a tough gig writing tech manuals so many errors or omissions are corrected for the newer editions, not changes so much. I suspect it'd be a while before you could buy a revised valve clearance edition.

I know for a fact they changed cause my buddy still works at the local Motorrad. I mentioned I just checked both my bikes so he said "have fun doing it again!" I have two ex that are right on the low limit but haven't changed in 20k kms so I left them again. No way I'm going back. If Dieselboy went 100K MILES on the old spec then that's good enough for me. Maybe next winter.

I'm sure I could go to my Dealer and get the bulletin but that's 45 min away and my bike is currently spread out in pieces getting steering bearings and a 40k inspection. I was hoping Joel would have chimed in by now.......
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