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Appreciate all the feedback. Pretty sure it's fixed, here is what I did:
-Removed the crank case breather hose from the airbox, capped the connection on the air box, and put a breather filter on the more oil to dumping into the front carb
-thoroughly cleaned the BMC air filter, housing, etc
-removed the 2 to 1 carb vent lines from the bike (which went to a T-connector, then to a small breather filter). Low and behold the filter was really dirty. Individually vented the carbs wih the 10" and 11" lines(as per several other threads)
-checked all caps/seals on the carbs for leaks

At first I did all of the above except individually vent the carbs. Instead I put a new, clean filter on the end of the 2 to 1line. First time out it had made serious improvements down low (could now easily wheelie in 1st and 2nd), but severely bogged at higher speeds and over 4500 rpms. I went back to the house and individually vented the carbs. Took the bike back out and WOW! Now it runs like everyone else describes. The idle issue is much better too, I think the dirty air filter and carb vent filters were to blame.

Gonna put a tank of fuel through it and see what type of mpg I've got.
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