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Originally Posted by SquirrelyGrl View Post
It sure was as cold as a frosty beaver! (I hope that's what you were meaning Twisty)

Nah, we didn't camp at Crawfords, but we did go by there. It didn't look like many patrons were there. It seemed that the RV's that were there looked to be stored and not in use. But I dunno, we didn't stop as we were hustling on to Davis Creek Rd back towards camp on North River Rd.

MB ~ It was so cold!!! The temp was 28 Saturday morning and around 31 Sunday morning. I know a cabin sure woulda felt nice, as we were under a tarp the past 2 nights.
We also did Trail 82 and it was clear, we passed another dirtbike on it, didn't recognize them.

How was the cabin MB? Did you get out and ride some this weekend? Twisty? ~ Also Twisty, do you have a son that works in Chattanooga? I coulda sworn I saw a guy who looked very similar to you at one of the pubs here in town.
I actually took a couple of vacation days last Tue/Wed and rode around 300 miles last Tuesday mostly being lost, exploring the area between Ocoee/Hwy 30 and Hwy 68. Left the bike home over the weekend and just hung around the cabin and ate all weekend (in front of the fireplace). Holly Flats that you mention above is on the Bald River headwaters and if you follow that road all the way out it comes out on 68. We use to camp at Holly Flats and fish the Bald River for big brown trout many moons ago. There is a backpacking trail that runs from the Holly Flats campground all the way to Bald River Falls on the Tellico River Rd.
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