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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post

I still like how they call the shims "oil sinks" ....

....or semi-spheres.....

I often have to read the manual a few times before I figure out what it means. Bet it makes perfect sense in the Father land.

Not going too far into this as there is a big arguement going on here somewhere. I was taught, and it has been my experience that valve clearances shrink with use. I always had to reshim for more clearance on the Beemers. The valve seats wear in and the stems stretch slightly causing the clearance to shrink. Seems to trump wear. I suppose if you hang out in the red line it may happen faster. My "normal" riding hasn't caused a change in 20k kms.

Oh, and it takes forever to copy the DVD because you have a copy in every language it's offerred in!
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