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Originally Posted by WW Ronin View Post
BMW Adventure Maintenance coarse?
That sounds cool. Is that just s UK thing? I would be interested in that. Any links?

It's particularly good as:
1) They fix a hell of a lot of these bikes (they have a fleet of about 60 of the damned things and the n00bs who attend the courses have a habit of smashing them to bits on a regular basis) so they know better than most what gets broken and how to prevent it from getting damaged and what you can reliably repair in the field.
2) You get to practice on a real bike/tyre/rim/part/whatever (see point 1!), rather than watch the instructor do it. IE one of the engine cases from a GS12 that I fixed on the course is in use on one of their bikes.

On a related note, I would give a general two thumbs up for all the UK BMW ORS' courses; they're superbly well run. The tutors are quite literally world class riders, but crucially, they are all (I've ridden with all of them) very good teachers too. I've ridden with equally good and even arguably better riders at other riding schools and whilst the quality of their riding has been flawless, but their capability to transfer that ability to me as a student was sorely lacking. Every time I've come away from a BMW ORS course my dirt riding has jumped in quality more than it does in 150 hours+ of my own riding/riding with friends.
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