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thanks, and additional ? about voltage meeters

Thanks to all who've posted on my tool question... LOTS of really good ideas/info, I'm hoping it's useful to others as they think about winter repairs/enhancements/"what did I tell myself I'd do after the last ride"...

Side question, so as I posted in an earlier thread, I'm planning to add grip heaters and I have a heated vest I plan to plug into the SAE plug I use for the battery tender (which is hooked up direct to the battery, no fuse.) I've been told to get a voltage meter, as that can be a lot of draw (I also run the Lynx fairing, w/ dual 65W H9 Hella lights) This was suggested, but I don't see an actual voltage indicator on it..

looks like it has pre-established indicators for low voltage, but I'm not clear if it's low for the 610 (which I believe needs to run at 14) or just "low for most bikes"... which usually means 12.7 or something...

Love to hear what people have used successfully as I plan to get one of these on ASAP.

Thanks again for all the advice/support!!!!!
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