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The beginning

In the beginning there was a bike.
An orange bike.

This is the patient before all the work started.
It must be 2 months now, or smth, so Iīll try to remember everything as good as humanly possible.
The last ride with the bike was a long and rainy and cold as hell. Other than having some trouble with the bike starting up weirdly and "coughing" during warm-up, I canīt really remember anything interesting from that ride. But the previous one -now that was made on the back roads and coast of my sommer home and that gave me some good info.

1) The saddle is as bad as it can get - probably something to do with the filling material being warn out or so - but the seat comfort resembled - being raped by an ape.
2) The brakes seem to stick and they stick really hard.
3) The rear brake has no feel and also squeals like a pig.
4) There is a nasty noise coming from the front of the bike as I go over small and abrupt bumps. It is almost like something big and metal is loose in the front (initial guess - the main bearings on the tripleclamps are broken)
5) Heated grips do not work. Something seems to be missing from the unit and the connections donīt look to good either
6) Mirrors - canīt use what You donīt have - huh.
7) No protection for the tanks and the rear of the bike
8) Flapendectomy done but leaves the SAP -crap on. hmm - well that needs sorting
9) The mammoth is a bit on the heavy side - strip the "treehuggers crap" and also get rid of dual exhaust and make it lighter.
10) Service the engine oil.
11) Clean out old crap from engine - check valves and plugs.
12) Protect and clean all the electric work of the bike.
13) Need some proper luggage rack for my military side cases
14) There is no gps mount - there are some holes in the "dash" that might have been there for one in the past.

There was probably something more but this will have to do for a starter.
Here a few pics from the start of the tear down.

And now start with the questions -
Why is there the left side triangular cover of the air filter box with a metal mesh and cutout????
The quality of the job makes it look like almost from the factory - but what is it really???

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